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Smart Connected Building Solutions

Focussing on Building Operations

Explore how IBG Cloud® transforms building management with advanced automation and sustainability features. Dive into genuine case studies revealing boosted efficiency and security. Start revolutionising your building operations today!

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Top 6 Benefits of Submetering

Explore the transformative impact of submetering in commercial real estate. This blog uncovers the benefits, including precise cost allocation, automated billing, fair use policies, improved energy efficiency, strategic decision-making, and enhanced ESG reporting, demonstrating how sub-metering is a game-changer for businesses and property owners alike.

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ESG Article

Explore the vital role of reliable data in the ESG landscape with Max Boon, Commercial Director at IBG. This article delves into the transformative journey of ESG, emphasising the marathon nature of its adoption. Discover the significance of properly accredited data and technological advancements, such as submetering, in achieving sustainable goals.

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Building Automation and Energy Monitoring for Fair Use Policies in PBSA

In the dynamic realm of PBSA management, innovative solutions are imperative for enriching student living experiences and fostering sustainability. With the PBSA market valued at nearly £4 billion and a 67% growth over the past decade, strategic energy monitoring, fair use policies, and building automation emerge as essential components. Implementing these measures ensures financial sustainability for accommodations and aligns with broader environmental goals, promoting a responsible and sustainable future.

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Building Optimisation for Enhanced Performance and Sustainability in Commercial Property

In the contemporary commercial real estate landscape, building optimisation transcends choice, becoming an absolute imperative. Driven by stakeholder expectations and global sustainability demands, this focus ensures enhanced performance and environmental responsibility. Energy-efficient design, intelligent technologies, and certifications like LEED or BREEAM contribute to this balance. Building optimisation is now indispensable for meeting the challenges of a sustainable future in the commercial property sector.

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