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The importance of ESG – the data behind the decisions: Part 1​

In the sustainability era, ESG is vital for businesses. With the built environment contributing 40% to UK carbon emissions, a data-driven ESG strategy is crucial. This series explores effective strategies, emphasising technology’s role. Adopting a framework considering environmental, social, governance, and financial aspects ensures long-term sustainability. Contact IBG for tech solutions.

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5 Ways Businesses can Support their Journey to Net-Zero by 2050

In pursuing Net Zero Carbon by 2050, businesses can drive impactful change through strategic measures. Implementing smart metering and monitoring systems, embracing renewable energy solutions, choosing green energy suppliers, retrofitting buildings with integrated technology, and thorough ESG reporting all contribute to a sustainable future. IBG offers tailored solutions for businesses committed to reducing their carbon footprint and meeting evolving environmental responsibilities.

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COP26 – How smart technology creates sustainable buildings​

Innovative technology is crucial for creating sustainable buildings addressing climate concerns highlighted at COP26. The built environment is a significant emitter, contributing 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions. Retrofitting existing buildings with intelligent technologies, such as advanced metering and monitoring systems, can offer immediate carbon savings, reduce inefficiencies, and aid in achieving Net Zero Carbon and ESG goals. Contact IBG for cost-effective solutions to retrofit your building and contribute to a sustainable future.

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What Does The Uk Energy Crisis Mean For Your Business?​

What does the UK energy crisis mean for your business?​

The UK faces an energy crisis with rising costs and potential business hardships. Factors like nuclear reactor maintenance, reduced wind power, and a disrupted power cable from France contribute to the perfect storm—gas prices surge, impacting smaller energy firms. To enhance energy security and meet Net Zero Carbon goals, businesses should invest in intelligent building technologies. IBG’s innovative solutions enable real-time data collection, automation, and efficient resource allocation, helping companies navigate the energy crisis and transition towards a sustainable future.

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