Focusing on Building Operations

Focusing on Building Operations

In the dynamic landscape of building management, staying ahead requires innovative solutions. Enter IBG Cloud® – the game-changing platform from the Intelligent Building Group (IBG) that empowers businesses to revolutionize their operations and maximize efficiency.

IBG Cloud® isn’t just a tool; it’s a catalyst for transformation. With features like real-time monitoring, AI-powered security, and energy optimization tools, IBG Cloud® provides unparalleled insight and control over building infrastructure.

Let’s explore some real-world examples of how IBG Cloud® has transformed building operations:

  1. Moorfield PLC – Hawkins Road: Addressing energy policy challenges, Moorfield PLC installed over 200 MID-compliant submeters integrated into IBG’s cloud-based platform. Real-time energy data access incentivized energy-saving behaviours and empowered Moorfield to enhance efficiency.
  2. The Howard de Walden Estate: Collaborating with IBG, HDWE enhanced sustainability through accurate ESG data capture and tenant billing automation. IBG’s bespoke submetering system streamlined data collation and automated tenant recharging.
  3. Swizzels Matlow: Partnering with IBG to fortify security, Swizzels Matlow implemented comprehensive solutions, including CCTV, Access Control, and Fire Alarms, ensuring enhanced security and seamless system integration.
  4. Heineken – Manchester: Engaging IBG to upgrade their CCTV system, Heineken Manchester achieved heightened security, future-proofing for additional cameras, and a significantly upgraded system.
  5. T-Squared / Upperton Pharma Solutions: Upperton Pharma Solutions partnered with IBG for a bespoke fire and security system that meets stringent requirements efficiently and is future-proofing with AI integration.
  6. Avison Young & Logicor: Collaborating with IBG, Avison Young upgraded Logicor’s assets for enhanced operational efficiency, automating tenant invoicing and enabling remote energy monitoring.

These case studies exemplify the transformative power of IBG Cloud® in unlocking business potential and shaping a smarter, greener future. Ready to embark on your journey to success? Contact us today to learn more about how IBG Cloud® can revolutionize your building operations.

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