The advantages of connected smart buildings revealed…

The Advantages Of Connected Smart Buildings Revealed...

The features and benefits of connected smart buildings uncovered…​

The buildings of the future will be totally connected. The ongoing climate emergency means that we need to reduce carbon emissions urgently, especially in the built environment which is the largest source of emissions in the UK.

This will require us to rethink how our buildings work, carry out accurate energy use audits, and how we can reduce that load as soon as possible to reach Net Zero Carbon.

One of the smartest, most effective and cost-efficient ways to increase building efficiency, and meet your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals at the same time, is to utilise smart technology to make your building sustainable and future proof, through the power of total connectivity. As well as providing direct, immediate benefits when it comes to reducing energy usage, integrated smart technology networks like those provided by IBG also come with a variety of other benefits on top.

The future of commercial energy saving is smart technology integrated throughout your building on a single system which generates live data continuously. By installing a network of metering and monitoring systems and sensors, you can measure the energy usage data digitally every 30 minutes to identify inefficiencies and understand which factors affect it.

This data can then be used to automate building management decisions within pre-agreed parameters to instantly cut waste to almost zero. IBG’s cloud-based BMS will allow you to exercise real-time oversight and make adjustments as necessary to control your energy usage and costs.

Furthermore, this same data can also be used to negotiate the best rates for energy procurement from green-only energy providers and achieve significantly improved rates by consolidating the entire building’s usage.

Part of the money saved by doing this can be used to pay for the data capture system and the rest will incentivise the tenant to change provider when their contract renews, based on a more competitive kWh rate and the resulting reduction in energy waste.

Likewise, using data to ensure your building systems are being used as efficiently as possible will cut down on maintenance costs and extend their lifespan.

In addition to using IBG’s smart technology to optimise your building’s energy efficiency, the same network can also be used to integrate all of your building’s other operational systems, from fire safety and security systems to HVAC and decentralised energy networks.

In this way, upgrading your building with smart technology to meet environmental targets will also pay off in a variety of other ways as you achieve total practical control of all aspects of your building. All of IBG’s systems are installed on an open-protocol basis for maximum flexibility, and ongoing maintenance and compliance costs are kept as low as possible.

Additionally, the cost of the system installation can be spread over periods of three or more years to ensure you benefit from overheads which are as low as possible. Our “one-stop-shop” approach allows us to achieve this and offer an exceptional return on investment.

No-capex options are available to clients thanks to our close working with a specialist Green Fund for any green initiative including EV chargers, battery storage, off-grid generation, solar and wind farms. This means that, with IBG and the Green Fund, you can start your journey to Net Zero immediately, and achieve all the benefits of integrating your building services on one central network at the same time.

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