The Golden Thread Legislation For Fire Safety

The Golden Thread Legislation For Fire Safety


Fire safety is a critical concern for commercial and residential buildings, and fire safety systems play a crucial role in protecting occupants, assets, and operations. The tragic Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 highlighted the need for a better standard of fire safety management. 

In response to the Grenfell Tower fire, the UK government has proposed new legislation under the Building Services Act, known as the ‘Golden Thread’, which requires building owners and managers to maintain a digital audit trail of fire safety and maintenance.

This legislation is predicted to become mandated in the UK during April 2023. In this article, we will explore the importance of fire safety systems, and how a digital audit trail can improve the fire safety of a commercial asset, particularly in light of the impending Golden Thread legislation.

Fire safety systems are designed to detect and respond to fires, and include components such as fire alarms, sprinklers, and smoke detectors. These systems are critical for protecting occupants and assets from the dangers of fire, and for ensuring that building occupants can safely evacuate in the event of a fire. However, fire safety systems are only effective if they are properly maintained and tested.

Historically, the maintenance record for a fire panel has been physically kept in a logbook. This requires that maintenance teams remember to enter details into the logbook. However, the implementation of systems associated with a digital audit trail can eliminate this element of human error, by automatically registering all interaction with the fire systems.

The Golden Thread requires building owners and managers to maintain a digital record of fire safety and maintenance, including test results, inspections, and repairs. This record must be easily accessible and searchable and must be able to be shared with relevant authorities upon request.

Data capture is a crucial element of a digital audit trail for fire safety and maintenance. It involves the collection and recording of data related to fire safety systems, such as test results, inspections, and repairs. Data capture is essential for building owners and managers to compile accurate and up-to-date records of fire safety and maintenance activities. Without proper data capture, it can be difficult to demonstrate compliance with the Golden Thread legislation and to ensure that fire safety systems are properly maintained and tested.

One way to improve data capture for fire safety and maintenance is through the use of SMART technology. For example, fire safety systems can be equipped with sensors that can capture data on system performance and alert building owners and managers when maintenance or repairs are needed. Building owners and managers can also use mobile devices to record fire safety test results and inspections, which can then be automatically uploaded to a central database for easy access and review.

Another important element of data capture is the use of standardised formats and protocols.

Standardised formats and protocols help ensure that data is collected consistently and accurately across all fire safety systems and maintenance activities. This makes it easier to compare data across different systems and buildings and to identify trends and issues that may need to be addressed.

Furthermore, data capture can also help to improve fire safety management by providing valuable insights and analytics. By analysing fire safety data, building owners and managers can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions about fire safety system maintenance and upgrades. For example, data analysis can help identify which fire safety systems are most prone to failure and where additional resources may be needed to improve fire safety.

The data associated with a digital audit trail can also help to improve communication and collaboration between building owners and managers, maintenance contractors, and relevant authorities. Building owners and managers can share their fire safety and maintenance records with fire safety professionals, who can then use this information to provide more accurate advice and recommendations.

Authorities can also use the digital records to ensure that buildings are compliant with fire safety regulations. This information can also be used to identify and address any issues with fire safety systems before they become a problem. For example, automatically notifying the relevant engineering team that a scheduled maintenance visit has been missed and which specific systems may be at risk, or, notifying a facilities manager that a system has been put into disablement.


In conclusion, fire safety systems are critical for protecting occupants, assets, and operations from the dangers of fire. The Golden Thread legislation requires building owners and managers to maintain a digital audit trail of fire safety and maintenance.

A digital audit trail can help building owners and managers to track and manage fire safety and maintenance, demonstrate compliance with the Golden Thread legislation, and improve communication and collaboration between building owners and managers, fire safety professionals, and relevant authorities. Building owners and managers should consider implementing effective data capture technology in order that the data required for a digital audit trail is available.

IBG’s recommendation would be to get ahead of the impending legislation, by implementing fully compliant digital audit systems now. This will put you ahead of the curve and ensure that your buildings are fully compliant and safer for your tenants and staff.

If you would like to have a discussion on this topic and how IBG can aid you in ensuring Golden Thread compliance, contact Max Boon via email at

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