Top 6 Benefits of Submetering

Top 6 Benefits of Submetering

In commercial real estate, where multiple tenants coexist within a single property or property park, the need for precise energy management is more crucial than ever.

Submetering has emerged as a game-changer for businesses, particularly in multi-tenanted properties such as retail parks, industrial parks, and Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA).

Sub-metering can lead to approx 15% cost savings, streamlined billing, fair use policies, improved energy efficiency, and informed decision-making for property and facilities managers.

1. Precise Cost Allocation and Savings

Sub-metering allows property managers to accurately allocate energy costs to individual tenants based on their actual consumption. In multi-tenanted properties, this precise cost allocation ensures fairness and transparency, promoting responsible energy usage. Tenants can become more aware of their energy use and also be incentivised to adopt energy-efficient practices, leading to overall cost savings for both property owners and occupants.

2. Automated Billing

One of the key advantages of sub-metering, especially in a multi-tenanted setting, is the automation of billing processes. Rather than relying on estimates or manually calculating data – a time consuming process that could be subject to human error, sub-metering systems streamline billing operations – reducing administrative burdens but also minimising billing errors.

3. Fair Use Policies

Sub-metering enables the implementation of fair use policies, promoting tenant awareness and responsibility for their energy consumption. By offering insights into individual usage patterns, property owners have the ability to bill tenants based on their specific energy usage, as opposed to a uniform rate that combines rent and utilities for all occupants. This approach proves advantageous in enhancing the commercial viability of buildings, particularly in PBSA. Additionally, sub-metering creates awareness among tenants regarding their energy consumption, enabling property owners to collaborate with them to establish energy efficiency objectives. Techniques like gamification, widely embraced in student accommodation, can also be employed to further engage tenants in energy conservation efforts.

4. Improved Energy Efficiency

The detailed insights provided by sub-metering give property owners and tenants alike to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements. From upgrading equipment to optimising operation and maintenance schedules, the data collected through sub-metering systems serves as a roadmap for enhancing overall energy efficiency within the property.

There are added benefits to manufacturing operations, where improved energy efficiency not only enhances operational effectiveness but also contributes to increased output. This not only reduces costs but also aligns with broader sustainability goals.

5. Strategic Decision-Making with Data Insights

Partnering with sub-metering experts like IBG goes beyond just implementing technology. It involves harnessing valuable data for strategic decision-making. By collating and analysing data, property owners can identify trends, plan for future energy needs, and make informed decisions that positively impact the bottom line. This proactive approach to data management contributes to the long-term success and resilience of the property.

6. ESG Reporting and Sustainability Credentials

As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations become more and more important, sub-metering becomes a crucial tool for reporting this data. ESG needs to be more than just intention, tangible results need to be reported on. The UK’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) regulation mandates that companies disclose energy usage, carbon emissions, and related data in their annual reports – IBG’s energy monitoring solutions, collect data as part of the automated process making ESG reporting more accurate and streamlined.

From precise cost allocation and automated billing to the implementation of fair use policies, sub-metering not only leads to significant cost savings but also promotes responsible energy consumption among tenants. Improved energy efficiency, strategic decision-making through data insights, and enhanced ESG reporting further underscore the value of sub-metering in the business, property and facility management world.

Sub-metering also isn’t something exclusively for new buildings – it can be retrofitted to any property. With the expertise to seamlessly integrate sub-metering technologies into your property, IBG ensures a smooth transition towards greater energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Reach out to us today, to find out how you can take the first steps towards streamlined ESG reporting, more commercially viable buildings and overall operational efficiency.

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