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Case Study Overview

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Remote Monitoring to Streamline Energy Management for Client Logicor’s Properties

Avison Young instructed IBG to upgrade and automate the metering systems at two of their Client Logicor’s MLI assets. The main objective was to improve operational efficiency by enabling the Managing Agent to remotely monitor the sites’ energy consumption and automatically invoice tenants. 

Furthermore, as part of their ambitious sustainability drive, Logicor is committed to increasing the amount of energy consumption data collected across its portfolio. The investment quality data will prove an essential part of their ESG reporting.

“You have no idea how important it is knowing these figures. The historical and report function will just top it all off. This should be a great service to offer others.
“People really should know their maximum demands to ensure their capacity with their suppliers is correct and for future tenancies what they have spare. Please pass on my thanks. Great work. Thank you.”

Senior Facilities Manager

Avison Young

Managing Agent:

Avison Young is a strategic real estate partner trusted by organisations for intelligent and integrated solutions. As a full-service provider, they find new ways to realise the potential of real estate.


Logicor owns, manages and develops logistics real estate in key transportation hubs and close to major population centres across Europe. It has a portfolio of properties in 19 countries, supporting more than 2,000 customers from a range of sectors and industries.

After undertaking a detailed survey of both sites to assess the existing electrical and water distribution infrastructure, IBG proposed two bespoke submetering/AMR systems.

This was designed with the dual purpose of making the sites more operationally efficient for Avison Young, while at the same time achieving compliance in terms of the tenant energy recharge.

This would also improve visibility into the energy performance of both sites for Logicor, enabling the automated capture and transmission of data to streamline ESG reporting.

IBG successfully implemented an MID-compliant wireless metering network covering all metered supplies across both assets, totalling in excess of 110 devices linked back to the IBG Cloud.

The project at these two Logicor sites proved to be such a success for all parties that it has subsequently opened the door to much broader conversations with Avison Young and IBG are looking forward to developing the relationship further over the coming months.

Managing Agent Chris Sumner says: “This is just what I needed. I added up the maximum load for today, 2100 kVA against my 3000 kVA limit, leaving me the 1000 kVA I need for a tenant on site.”

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