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Case Study Overview​

IBG’s Dedicated Network Solution Delivers 80 Advanced Cameras, Future-Proofing with Room for Expansion at Heineken Brewery

As a world-classoperation at the heart of a nationwide brewing network, Heineken Manchester enjoys a long and proud brewing heritage. Heineken’s Manchester brewery employs almost 250 people and produces Heineken and Birra Moretti, as well as being the world’s biggest brewer of Foster’s.

“IBG has been instrumental in ensuring that our facility in Manchester achieves the level of safety and security required to protect our staff. The project was handled professionally from start to finish. We are looking forward to collaborating on future projects.”


Heineken (Manchester)

Managing Agent:




IBG proposed that a separate dedicated network was installed for the CCTV system.

We installed and commissioned more than 80 cameras at the site. These new cameras had greater functionality than the previous stock, including wider viewing angles, greater optical zoom, greater recording times, and inbuilt functions such as AI and auto-tracking.

Furthermore, the project provided a future proof solution as the system has spare capacity for an additional 48 cameras.

The outcome of this project is that Heineken has been provided with an increased level of security at their site.

The system is also now future-proofed to allow for additional camera installations.

Additionally, the functionality of the existing system has been significantly upgraded. This has provided Heineken with a site befitting their position as one of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers in the country.

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