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Navigating Energy Challenges: IBG’s System Enables Fair Usage Policies for Moorfield’s Student Accommodation

Moorfield PLC, a prominent developer and operator of Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA), faced challenges in effectively enforcing their fair use of energy policy due to the typical electrical infrastructure associated with such accommodations. Seeking a solution, Moorfield engaged with IBG through their trusted advisors at Quartz Project Services. 

This case study examines how IBG’s energy monitoring system enabled Moorfield to capture and analyse energy data, segregate landlord and resident energy usage, and implement a fair use policy to promote sustainable energy practices.




Moorfield PLC – Hawkins Road

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CRM Students


Moorfield PLC

To address these challenges, Moorfield PLC partnered with IBG, a renowned energy solutions provider. Through their trusted advisors at Quartz Project Services, Moorfield collaborated with IBG to facilitate the capture of energy data and separate energy consumption for landlords and residents.

IBG supplied and commissioned over 200 MID compliant submeters on tenant feeds and landlord distribution boards. These submeters were integrated into a cloud-based platform, enabling Moorfield to access real-time data on energy consumption across their PBSA developments. The platform offered a holistic overview of the site-wide energy profile, allowing Moorfield to identify usage patterns and trends.

The collaboration between IBG and Moorfield PLC exemplifies a successful case of implementing sustainable energy management in Purpose Built Student Accommodation. IBG’s energy monitoring system enabled Moorfaield to enforce their fair use policy, promote behavioural change among tenants, and streamline landlord energy consumption. Through this partnership, Moorfield PLC achieved significant progress in reducing their environmental impact and ensuring a more sustainable future for their PBSA developments.

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