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Case Study For Swizzels Matlow

Customised Security Integration: IBG’s Tailored Approach to CCTV, Access Control, and Fire Safety at Swizzels Matlow

Swizzels was founded by two families in 1928 and has been making iconic sweets in the heart of the Peak District ever since. They are best known as the inventors of Love Hearts, Drumsticks, Parma Violets, Fizzers and Refreshers bars, all enjoyed by generations around the world.

Case Study For Swizzels Matlow



Swizzels Matlow

IBG worked closely with the pre-appointed electrical contractor and Swizzels Matlow to develop a customised security system beyond the original tender. The collaboration aimed to match the client’s specific requirements and ensure the seamless integration of the installed systems. IBG’s expertise allowed for the integration of the systems into Gamanet C4, further enhancing functionality and interoperability.

In 2022 IBG were awarded the contract to design and install the fire alarm system, access control and security CCTV in phase 1 of our new additional factory being built in Middlewich (37,696 sq. ft.) with Phases 2 and 3 planned. The total site will be 152,109 sq. ft.

The IBG team, headed by Sales Director Jason Gough and Operations Director Kevin Bright, have always been helpful and knowledgeable, giving support throughout the projects. “I’m happy to recommend IBG and their team for projects involving fire alarms, access control and CCTV security.”
Allan Unsworth – IT & Systems Manager, Swizzels Matlow.

The successful collaboration between IBG and Swizzels Matlow exemplifies the positive outcomes achieved when companies work together to create tailored solutions. IBG’s commitment to meeting the client’s vision, seamless system integration, and dedicated support earned them high praise from Swizzels Matlow, solidifying their position as a reliable and capable partner.


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