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The Howard de Walden Estate

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Case Study Overview

Streamlining Energy Management: MID-Compliant Submetering System and IBG Cloud Integration Propel Operational Efficiency.

The Howard de Walden Estate is responsible for overseeing a diverse community of residents, educational institutions and businesses, including Marylebone Village’s retail and leisure offering and the world class healthcare providers of Harley Street Medical Area.




The Howard de Walden Estate

IBG designed a bespoke MID compliant submetering system for a number of buildings across the estate. We opted to monitor individual tenant feeds on a floor-by-floor basis and landlord electricity supplies at distribution board level. 

Through the IBG Cloud, the captured data has been collated and displayed in a bespoke dashboard according to the client’s requirements.

The IBG Cloud also facilitates ‘one click’ reporting, so the HDWE can now export all captured data into requisite reporting frameworks.

Finally, through the IBG Cloud’s integrated billing platform, the HDWE can now automatically recharge tenants for their energy consumption. 

Following a successful installation, IBG have onboarded HDWE onto the IBG Cloud. Additionally, IBG is now designing and developing bespoke elements for HDWE to enhance the IBG Cloud and further increase the functionality of our software.

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