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Intelligent Building Group has established itself as a prominent and trusted partner, collaborating closely with various stakeholders across a wide range of sectors. Our commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach has made us a preferred choice for a wide range of projects.


Build To Rent Properties

Streamline operations, enhance tenant experience, and optimise energy efficiency.

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Purpose Built Student Accommodation

Enhance the efficiency, comfort, and safety of the living environment for students.

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Commercial Property & Offices

Future-proof commercial buildings, whilst providing enhanced energy efficiency.

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Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Enhance patient care, optimise energy, and ensure critical system operation.

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Retail Parks & Shopping Centres

Enhanced comfort for shoppers, streamlined billing and operations, plus increased security.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

A valuable investment to increase operational efficiency, improve safety and energy efficiency.

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Why Choose IBG?

Smart, Sustainable Building Transformation

Smart Buildings

Cloud-based, integrated automated systems


Optimised, future-proofed and sustainable


Fire safety and security on the same network


Connected buildings with all systems on one network

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