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Enhanced Sustainability


Improved Tenant Satisfaction


Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Our automation solutions significantly reduce operational costs by optimising energy consumption and resource usage. Efficient machinery operation minimises energy wastage and identifies maintenance issues early, leading to substantial savings.

Improved Efficiency

Gain complete visibility into manufacturing functions, ensuring machines and equipment operate efficiently. With automation, you can reduce downtime and enhance overall productivity, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Sustainability Commitment

Align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting requirements. Our solutions enable manufacturers to monitor and report on energy efficiency, emissions, and other sustainability metrics, showcasing a strong commitment to sustainable practices and regulatory compliance.

Incorporating automation in industrial and manufacturing settings, offers several advantages. Significantly reduce running costs by optimising energy consumption and resource usage, ensuring that machines and equipment operate efficiently and highlighting excessive energy using, minimising wastage, identifying maintenance issues and ultimately lowering operational expenses.

Automation also facilitates predictive maintenance, where sensors and data analytics detect early signs of equipment wear or potential failures. This proactive approach enables timely maintenance, preventing costly breakdowns and reducing downtime, ultimately enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

Aligning with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting requirements, IBG solutions allow manufacturers to monitor and report on energy efficiency, emissions, and other sustainability metrics, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices.

Automate for Success

Optimised Manufacturing Efficiency


Reduce operational costs through energy optimisation.


Identify excessive energy use and minimise wastage.


Early maintenance to prevent costly breakdowns.


Enhance productivity and operational efficiency.


Comply with ESG reporting requirements.

Why IBG?

IBG offers adaptable building automation solutions that encompass lighting, HVAC, fire safety, and access control, catering to the specific needs of industrial and manufacturing facilities, all controlled from a central dashboard.
Through retrofitting, existing buildings can benefit from IBG’s smart technology, optimising energy usage ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient environment.
Predictive maintenance capabilities help prevent equipment failures, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. IBG’s fire safety integration ensures prompt emergency response and compliance with safety regulations, plus access control systems safeguard sensitive areas, protecting employees and assets.

Streamline operations and reduce energy costs by monitoring and controlling machinery and equipment efficiently.

Enhance logistics and energy management, ensuring optimal storage conditions and reducing waste.

Optimise production processes, reduce downtime, and maintain compliance with energy efficiency standards.

Seamless Integration

The IBG Cloud-based dashboard facilitates businesses’ journey towards net-zero carbon emissions by integrating various building automation systems. It optimises energy usage, integrates renewable energy, and provides data-driven insights to reduce environmental impact.

The platform enables predictive maintenance, automates sustainable practices, and supports ESG reporting, helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals and obtain environmental certifications. With a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, the IBG cloud empowers businesses to work towards a greener and more environmentally responsible future.

Data Analytics
Our platform leverages data analytics to provide valuable insights into user behaviour, energy consumption patterns, and system performance. This data-driven approach allows you to identify opportunities for further optimisation and efficiency gains.
Flexible & Scaleable
Our building automation solution is designed to accommodate your growth and evolving needs. As your property portfolio expands, our platform can easily scale to integrate new buildings and accommodate additional automation requirements.
Remote Management
With our cloud-based solution, you can manage your building automation systems from anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re on-site or off-site, you have full control and access to critical functionalities through our secure cloud infrastructure.

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