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Statutory Compliance


Enhanced Sustainability


Improved Tenant Satisfaction


Cost Savings

Enhanced Sustainability

By implementing your smart building solutions, PBSA properties can significantly improve their sustainability credentials. Efficient energy monitoring and management systems help reduce utility consumption, lowering operational costs and minimising environmental impact. This enhanced sustainability aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly living spaces among students and institutions.

Cost Savings for Students

Your solutions enable PBSA properties to optimise energy usage, resulting in lower utility bills for students. By providing a cost-effective and environmentally conscious living environment, you enhance the financial well-being of students, making your PBSA properties more attractive and competitive in the market.

Enhanced Security and Convenience

Smart access control systems and security features enhance safety and convenience for both students and property managers. Students benefit from secure access to their living spaces, and property managers can remotely monitor and manage access, ensuring a safe and efficient living environment. This added security and convenience contribute to a positive living experience, increasing tenant satisfaction and retention rates.

Incorporating automation in Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) offers numerous benefits to both students and property managers. Building automation in PBSA delivers a more sustainable, efficient, and student-friendly living environment, catering to the demand for eco-conscious and technologically advanced accommodations.

By incorporating submetering and automated billing, it promotes responsible resource management and fair billing practices. The integration of CCTV, security, and access control enhances safety and instills confidence among students and parents, offering a blend of sustainability, convenience, and security, elevating the living experience for students and meeting the expectations of modern environmentally friendly living.

Automate for Success

Elevate PBSA Living Spaces


Sustainability: Reduce resource consumption.


Efficiency: Streamline operations, lower utility costs.


Security: Enhance safety, instill confidence.


Convenience: Promote fair billing practices.


Modern Living: Meet eco-conscious expectations.

Why IBG?

IBG’s energy management solutions optimise energy consumption, reducing utility costs and operational expenses for PBSA properties. The cloud-based platform enables remote monitoring and control, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness.
By promoting comfort, well-being, and environmental sustainability, IBG’s building automation supports PBSA’s green credentials, attracting eco-conscious students and investors. With data analytics providing valuable insights, property managers can make informed decisions, optimise operations, and continuously improve sustainability efforts.

Implementing your smart building solutions in individual student bedrooms allows for personalised comfort and control. Students can adjust lighting, temperature, and access controls to suit their preferences, enhancing their overall living experience.

Common spaces like study rooms, lounges, and kitchens can benefit from your automation solutions. Smart lighting, HVAC systems, and access control ensure these areas are energy-efficient, secure, and conducive to collaborative studying and socialising.

Enhancing the security and sustainability of the building’s exterior spaces is crucial. Implementing CCTV surveillance, access control at entry points, and renewable energy solutions like solar panels on rooftops contribute to a safer and greener environment for PBSA residents.

Minimise Energy Wastage

IBG’s building automation solutions for PBSA offer an additional advantage of individual property access and control during periods when students have returned home. With remote access capabilities, property managers can efficiently manage lighting, heating, and other utilities in each individual unit. By remotely adjusting settings or even temporarily turning off non-essential systems, energy wastage is minimised during student vacations or extended breaks.

This proactive approach ensures that energy is used efficiently and responsibly, leading to significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact. With IBG’s advanced building automation, property managers can exercise precise control over each unit, promoting sustainability and optimising resource usage even when students are away.

Remote Management
With our cloud-based solution, you can manage your building automation systems from anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re on-site or off-site, you have full control of all properties and individual living areas and access to critical functionalities through our secure cloud.
Gamification techniques can be incorporated to engage students and promote sustainable practices. Through interactive challenges and rewards, students are motivated to participate in energy-saving behaviours, fostering a culture of resource conservation.
Fair-Use Policies

Ensures equitable distribution of resources among residents. By using building automation systems to monitor and control utilities like electricity, water, and heating, property managers can discourage excessive consumption and encourage responsible use.

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