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Cost Savings

Cost Efficiency

IBG solutions help reduce operational costs by optimising energy consumption and enhancing overall efficiency, ultimately resulting in savings for retail facilities.

Streamlined Tenant Billing

Our integrated systems enable precise and automated tenant billing, simplifying the management of financial transactions within retail parks and shopping centres.

Remote Management

With our intuitive dashboard and remote capabilities, retail facility managers can efficiently oversee energy usage, security, and building management, ensuring smooth operations without the need for on-site presence.

IBG solutions play a pivotal role in maximising the benefits of building automation for retail parks and shopping centres, particularly in streamlining tenant billing, enhancing efficiency, and optimising cost-effectiveness.

As a master systems integrator, we work with shopping centres and retail parks to design and install, including retro-fit leading solutions into one building management system. With our intuitive dashboard energy optimisation, accurate tenant building and security can be managed remotely.

Automate for Success

Enhancing Retail Efficiency


Streamlined Tenant Billing


Master Systems Integration


Remote Energy Optimisation


Accurate Security

Why IBG?

IBG offers advanced building automation systems that seamlessly integrate with utility meters, energy sensors, and sub-metering infrastructure. These solutions continuously monitor energy consumption, water usage, and other utilities for each individual tenant in real-time.
With accurate data at hand, IBG’s automated billing module generates precise and itemised invoices based on actual consumption, eliminating the need for manual meter readings and estimation processes. This automation ensures timely billing and reduces billing discrepancies, leading to improved transparency and tenant satisfaction.
Building automation facilitates predictive maintenance, this proactive approach minimises downtime, reduces repair costs, and extends the lifespan of building systems and assets.

We provide solutions that enhance the operational efficiency of shopping malls. Our automation systems streamline tenant billing, optimise energy usage, and improve overall facility management.

IBG solutions benefit retail outlets by offering cost-effective and energy-efficient automation. We help retailers reduce operational expenses, enhance customer experiences, and create environmentally friendly shopping environments.

Our expertise extends to commercial complexes within shopping centres. We implement integrated systems that improve tenant billing accuracy, security, and energy management, resulting in more efficient and profitable commercial spaces.

Better, More Secure Environments

Building automation systems maintain a comfortable indoor environment for shoppers and retail tenants by regulating temperature and air quality. Automated HVAC control ensures that spaces are adequately cooled or heated based on real-time occupancy, enhancing the shopping experience and encouraging longer stays in the commercial area.

Smart lighting solutions manage and adjust the brightness of indoor and outdoor lighting based on natural light levels and occupancy. Energy-efficient LED lighting and automated controls contribute to energy savings and create an inviting ambiance for shoppers, boosting footfall and tenant appeal.

Integrating security and surveillance systems with CCTV cameras and access control, enhances safety and deters potential criminal activities, safeguarding both shoppers and tenants. In case of any incidents, real-time alerts and notifications are sent to security personnel for immediate response.

Data Analytics
Our platform leverages data analytics to provide valuable insights into tenant behaviour, energy consumption patterns, and system performance. This data-driven approach allows you to identify opportunities for further optimisation and efficiency gains.
Remote Management
With our cloud-based solution, you can manage your building automation systems from anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re on-site or off-site, you have full control and access to critical functionalities through our secure cloud infrastructure.
Flexible & Scaleable
Our building automation solution is designed to accommodate your growth and evolving needs. As your property portfolio expands, our platform can easily scale to integrate new buildings and accommodate additional automation requirements.

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