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Automated Billing

Automate billing for multi-tenant properties, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and fair allocation of utility costs. Revolutionize your billing processes today.

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Energy Efficiency

Data is analysed by the central dashboard to gain insights into the consumption of utilities and calculates individual usage and service charges for each tenant or unit

Fair Allocation

Common areas like lobbies, hallways, or shared kitchens in multi-tenant properties or student accommodations might have shared utility usage. The automated billing systems allocates and distributes these shared utility costs fairly.


Can issue alerts and notifications to help occupants become more conscious of their usage patterns and encourage them to adopt more sustainable practices.


Systems can be customised for either commercial or residential, with various billing cycles or pricing structures. Billing can also show usage patterns and historical data, helping consumption be better managed.

Automated Billing

Streamline billing in multi-occupant properties for increased accuracy and cost effectiveness

Automated billing streamlines the process in properties with multiple tenants, automatically generating and delivering invoices for various services and utilities provided to occupants within a building. This integration with sub-metering leads to increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, while enabling building managers and landlords, to effectively implement and manage fair use policies.

Efficient Multi-Occupant Billing

Revolutionise Transactions

Automating utility bill payment and reconciliation has revolutionised the way property managers handle financial transactions in rental properties.

With automation, residents can conveniently pay online or through e-checks, reducing the risk of theft and fraud associated with physical checks and money orders. The integration of payment data with accounting software eliminates the need for manual reconciliation, saving time and minimising errors.

Additionally, automated move-out calculators swiftly determine final utility charges and generate resident bills, simplifying the process for property managers. Overall, automation brings efficiency, accuracy, and convenience, leading to better financial visibility and improved landlord-tenant relationships.

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