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ESG Data & Monitoring

Discover inefficiencies in your building’s energy consumption with IBG’s advanced sub-metering and monitoring solutions. Gain insights, cut waste, and embrace sustainability for smarter, greener buildings.

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Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Real-time data on electricity, water, gas, or other utility usage allows you to identify energy intensive areas, detect anomalies, and implement targeted energy-saving strategies.

Cost Allocation & Billing

Our submetering system supports accurate cost allocation, making it ideal for multi-tenant or multi-unit buildings. Additionally, our integrated billing platform streamlines the process, reducing administrative burdens and improving accuracy.

Data Visualisation & Analytics

Our analytics tools enable you to analyse historical data, identify trends, and benchmark performance across different buildings or departments.

Scaleable and Flexible

IBG have develped an Open API allowing Clients to seamlessly extract data to third party systems. Our solution provides comprehensive energy usage reports, carbon footprint calculations, and other relevant metrics required for certifications and reporting frameworks, showcasing your commitment to sustainable practices and meeting compliance requirements.

ESG Data & Monitoring

Most buildings are inefficient and wasteful, is yours?

At IBG, we understand the importance of optimising energy consumption and promoting sustainable practices. Our advanced sub-metering and monitoring solutions enable you to gain granular insights into your building’s energy usage, helping you make informed decisions and implement targeted energy-saving strategies.

Our submetering and monitoring systems are entirely open-protocol, meaning that they seamlessly integrate with existing building management systems (BMS), IoT platforms and Data Aggregation solutions. This compatibility allows for centralised monitoring and control, simplifying operations and enhancing the overall building automation capabilities. By measuring when and where the energy is used, we can then implement the required controls to eradicate any waste and optimise building performance by making data-driven decisions for capital investment using the investment quality digital data provided.

Smart Building Integration Essentials

For Fully Smart Buildings

To fully benefit from submetering and monitoring, integrating with smart building systems is crucial.

Our considerations for seamless integration include designing and installing tailored metering infrastructure, utilising advanced analytics and visualisation tools for actionable insights, configuring automated alarms and notifications, integrating with energy management systems for centralised control, and ensuring proper meter data management for data integrity and security.

With our customisable alerting and notification features, you can set up thresholds for energy consumption or abnormal behaviour and receive instant alerts via email or mobile notifications. This proactive approach helps you quickly identify and resolve issues, minimising downtime, and maximising energy efficiency.

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We offer customisable ESG data and monitoring solutions tailored to your specific building requirements. Our experienced team will work closely with you to design and implement a system that maximises energy efficiency, reduces costs, and aligns with your sustainability goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our ESG data and monitoring solutions, and embark on your journey
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