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IBG Cloud® offers a comprehensive, data-driven approach to building and energy management, helping you optimise energy performance, reduce waste, and enhance sustainability while providing centralised control and automation capabilities.

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Comprehensive Building and Energy Management

IBG Cloud® offers a holistic solution for monitoring and managing various aspects of your buildings, including electricity, gas, and water usage. It collects investment-grade data and provides insights that enable you to optimise energy performance cost-effectively. This means you can make data-driven decisions on where to invest your resources after implementing energy-efficient technologies like LED lighting and PIR sensors.

Efficient Automation and Control

The IBG Cloud® serves as a centralised control centre for your building, allowing you to proactively respond to energy consumption data. It offers automated controls and dormant state parameters to minimise out-of-hours usage, reducing energy waste. Additionally, it integrates with critical systems such as CCTV, Access Control, Intruder, and Fire Alarms, providing a “single view” for managing all building operations and security.

Customised Insights and Sustainability

Harnessing IBG Cloud® delivers unparalleled visibility into utility usage, with customised insights tailored to your specific needs. It helps you identify energy hotspots and offers targeted efficiency improvements, maximising your return on investment. Moreover, the system includes features like the Renewables page for tracking the performance of your Solar PV system in detail, enabling you to embrace sustainable practices and make data-driven decisions.


A revolutionary cloud-based building and energy management system

Designed to empower businesses by providing unparalleled insight and control over your buildings, the IBG Cloud® offers an intuitive and comprehensive solution for monitoring every aspect of your buildings. 

The IBG Cloud® effortlessly collects, analyses, and presents investment quality data on your electricity, gas, and water usage in a user-friendly interface. The insights offered by the IBG Cloud® allow you to optimise your energy performance in the most cost-effective way possible. Everyone knows that LED lighting and PIR sensors offer significant energy use reduction and a guaranteed return, but where do you invest your time and money after that? The IBG Cloud® answers that question.  

Not only does the IBG Cloud® collect data on your energy consumption, but it allows you to proactively respond to this data through setting automated controls and dormant state parameters, ensuring that your out of hours usage is minimised. 

The IBG Cloud® acts as your ‘single pane of glass’ command and control centre for your building. By integrating with CCTV, Access Control, Intruder, and Fire Systems, the IBG Cloud® ensures that all your critical systems are accessible from a single platform.

The IBG Cloud® Dashboard

The IBG Cloud® dashboard: Empower your building with seamless monitoring, management, and security. Track electricity, gas, water, renewables, and reduce costs efficiently.

Electricity, Gas & Water Data

Leveraging the IBG Cloud® provides unmatched visibility into your utility usage. Whether by zones, building systems, or individual circuits, we customise insights according to your needs. Collaboratively, we devise optimal solutions during consultations, pinpointing energy hotspots for targeted efficiency improvements and maximising return on investment.


Discover the IBG Multimeter hub, the core of IBG Cloud®. It collects data from diverse meters within your asset, serving as a centralised hub. From here, you can generate tailored ESG reports, contrast meter data, and access real-time and historical insights on energy performance. This hub aids decisions to enhance efficiency and embrace sustainable practices across your business.


The Renewables page allows you to track the performance of your Solar PV system in greater detail than ever. You will have the ability to understand your exact consumption, generation, import and export of electricity. Additionally, you can track the performance in relation to a wide range of external factors such as cloud coverage, temperature, and power factor and more.

Controls & Automation

The IBG Cloud® provides you with total control over the various systems within your building, from your pocket. Whether you’re checking to ensure that full shutdown procedures have been followed, or you’d like to ensure a boardroom is warm enough for a meeting in advance, the IBG Cloud® facilitates this control. Additionally, through appropriate automation and scheduling, we eradicate the ~20-40% out of hours usage which is typical in most commercial and industrial environments.

Fire Safety

The IBG Cloud® pulls all the information contained within your fire panel and provides a full digital audit trail for all events which take place within your building. With the advent of ‘The Golden Thread’, this is now a statutory requirement for many building operators and developers. Furthermore, when IBG act as your maintenance provider, if part of your fire system develops a fault, the information gathered allows us to arrive on site promptly, with the requisite equipment, without an initial inspection.


Using The IBG Cloud®, you can view any Onvif camera within your portfolio. Additionally, through our integration with our partners at ARC, we have the capability to implement AI technology onto any camera you own, even if they typically do not support AI.

Access Control

The IBG Cloud® seamlessly integrates with a number of access control systems, such as Paxton Net 2, Salto, TLJ, representing ~65% of the UK market. Additionally, due to our deep software expertise, the IBG Cloud® can add additional functionality, which isn’t present in the native software. This includes remote key programming and remote door access.

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Designed to empower businesses by providing unparalleled insight and control, the IBG Cloud® offers an intuitive and comprehensive solution. Our team of experts are dedicated to assisting you at every step.

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